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New Learning Spaces

This is a very exciting time for the institution, its staff and students.

CHERP has been working for a number of years researching into how we can best utilise these new spaces and what pedagogies we can avail of.

Learning Environment Plan

Learning landscapes infographic

Download PDF version CCBYNC Richard Beggs Ulster University

Coleraine campus

In recent years the Coleraine has had new teaching blocks built that provide excellent learning and teaching spaces that facilitate an active learning approach.

Jordanstown campus

During the summer of 2019, a number of Jordanstown classrooms rooms are being reconfigured to active learning spaces, there is also a number of social learning spaces being created along the mall. This has been a collaborative approach between Estates, DISD, CHERP and Campus Life.

Each room listed below is having the IT equipment refreshed, new flexible furniture installed and whiteboards added to the walls.

Magee campus

The new teaching block in the Magee campus was recently opened providing excellent learning and teaching spaces that facilitate an active learning approach.

Greater Belfast Development

It is exciting times for Ulster University as we approach the final phases of the development of our new campus.

Learning Landscape Toolkits and Resources

To help you make the most of the opportunities that the new learning spaces provide, CHERP has collated and produced a number of self-help tool kits and resources to enable you to plan your sequencing of learning and design.

Active Learning Champions

CHERP have appointed 18 Active Learning Champions across the institution to help scale up the curriculum design, learning environment and technology adoption aspirations of 5&50 and the Learning and Teaching Strategy and to maximise the opportunities for innovation during this transitional period and to enable staff to be rewarded for taking risks in our learning spaces with new pedagogies, emerging practices and technologies and to inspire others to try new things.

EXPERIENCE: CHERP Learning Partners (Student Interns)

Our students are a huge untapped resource for supporting the enhancement of learning experiences, they have the ‘lived experience’ of a course and are best placed to support academic staff when they are trying something new or are in a new learning space.

After a successful pilot in January 2020, a new scheme is looking for Learning Partners for Sept 2021. Their remit will be to help teaching staff facilitate new pedagogies in their practice by providing support and assistance in the class when they need it or to help with learning and teaching research studies.

CHERP's Learning Lab

In order to allow our staff to 'Try before they buy' in to the new learning spaces, CHERP have developed the Learning Lab with the support of Estates and DISD.

This flexible and collaborative learning environment allows staff to experience this space as a student on MEd, PgCHEP, FST, Orientation and through revalidation support workshops so they can reflect on their on practice and give them confidence to try out new things.

The space has been designed to facilitate active and collaborative learning and features some of the flexible furniture and technology that will be available in the Greater Belfast Development.