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SLaTE, Ulster University's Strategy for Learning and Teaching Enhancement is an agile framework that enables us to develop and deliver policy aims and objectives and fund support projects that deliver quality enhancement in education.

There are two sides to the SLaTE, Policies and Projects.


Policies on the SLaTE are usually succinct and define short to medium term priorities and directions.

These will have review dates and when these are reached the Learning and Teaching Committee will decide whether these policies should stay on the SLaTE, be modified, or removed and archived because this work is complete or has been main-streamed.

These policies will help colleagues align their work and activity to the current priority areas and inform applications for projects.


Projects on the SLaTE should deliver better learning experiences for students and/or working lives for staff via the development of people, policy or infrastructure and systems. Projects should normally seek to align with policies on the SLaTE and may of course come to inform those policies.

Financial support for projects is available from the Learning and Teaching Strategy fund, and project proposals are considered by an Advisory Group that represents Faculties and Departments and reports to the Learning and Teaching Committee.

The SLaTE SharePoint site provides further details on current and archived policies and projects as well as information on how to make a project application.