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America: Here and Now

The University of Minnesota Duluth, located on the shores of beautiful Lake Superior are offering Ulster University students the opportunity to join their 4-week Summer Institute and take part in their 'America: Here and Now' programme.

This experience is an opportunity to study and discuss significant American literature, films, art and music in Duluth, Minnesota amongst an international classroom of students from around the globe.

Opportunity Details
Host Organisation University of Minnesota Duluth
Dates 10 July - 4 August 2023
Spaces available 10
Eligibility 1st and 2nd year Full Time Undergraduate students
FundingTuring funding is available for 10 successful students:

Widening Participation* grant rate: Approx.£1400
Non-Widening Participation grant rate: Approx. £545

Additional Global Opportunities funding is also available for 10 successful students: £700 

Cost of return flight to Minnesota covered by Global Opportunities.

* Check if you are from a Widening Participation background
Programme cost $3,000 to be paid by student to the host university 
Included within programme cost On-Campus dormitory accommodation, meals (except during optional excursions), airport pickup/drop off, & other transportation.
Other costs Visa, spending money
Deadline to apply 3 April 2023
Apply here

About the Course

'America: Here and Now' is an introductory level course providing students with an understanding of literature, culture, and history in contemporary America, with an emphasis on local voices and experiences. Student will be studying alongside peers from all over the world, bringing a range of perspectives and experiences to the course.

The reading selections will interlink with the field experiences that students will enjoy: the beauty of Lake Superior; the region’s forests, beaches and hiking trails; and the artistic and cultural riches of northern Minnesota. Students will study and discuss significant American literature, films, art and music. Participating faculty members will share their own creative and scholarly work with students.

Students will be expected to maintain readers’ journals during the course in response to the course readings and to aligned field trips; following the traditional US learning culture, students will participate actively in discussions of course texts; and students will compare their new understandings of American culture in Duluth to their home country.

Programme Features:

  • Welcome reception & orientation
  • Course instruction by UMD faculty
  • Course related field trips, tours & excursions
  • Afternoon & evening activities
  • Optional excursions
  • Farewell celebration & certificate ceremony

Please note the course is not credit-bearing and will not count as part of your course at Ulster University.

Find out more

You can find out more about the programme in the Summer Institute brochure.

Watch this video to find out the what the University of Minnesota Duluth has to offer.

How to apply

To apply for a funded place on this programme, please complete this online application form.

The deadline to apply is 3 April 2023.

Consider Crowdfunding

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