Employability & Careers advice service is fully operational and available to students and recent graduates. Whether you are struggling at interviews, wondering how to write the best CV you can or looking for advice on planning your future our Employability Advisor team are ready to help through our online drop in service, bookable online consultations and online chat.

Our advice service remains fully operational with our drop in advice service and bookable 1-1 consultations now available to students online:

Accessing advice

Bookable consultations

This service is for those students who require more in depth advice that requires a 1-1 meeting that will take around 30 minutes. Maybe you have a job interview or assessment centre coming up? Maybe you have a number of questions you need support with. You can book your consultation from the link below and you will receive a link with relevant instructions on how to join the online meeting with your Employability Advisor.

We know that outside of term you might not be able to get to your campus so you can access advice through ​online chat, careers advice appointments (including via Skype), email and telephone.

CampusAccessing Advice
Jordanstown students

Book a 30 minute consultation via this link

Coleraine students

Book a 30 minute consultation via this link

Magee students

Book a 30 minute consultation via this link

Belfast students

Book a 30 minute consultation via this link

Online chat

Our online chat service is also perfect for some of this specific employability related questions. Maybe you want to book a consultation or have a question about EDGE or an advertised opportunity. You can access this service from our homepage

Magee Campus- MF226E Magee Campus- MF226E

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Magee Campus- MF226E

Jordanstown Campus- 13G01  Jordanstown Campus- 13G01

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Jordanstown Campus- 13G01

Coleraine Campus- H214  Coleraine Campus- H214

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Coleraine Campus- H214

Belfast Campus- Library  Belfast Campus- Library

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Belfast Campus- Library


To get in touch please email:


Meet the team

Dr Stella So

Senior Employability Adviser

Employability Services Unit

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