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We are delighted that you have made the decision to choose Ulster University as the destination for your Study Abroad programme!

You can study with us for a full academic year from mid-September to the end of May or you can join us for Semester one September to January (Fall/Autumn) or Semester two January to May (Spring). The choice is yours.

Please read through the steps below where you will find useful information to guide you on your journey to Ulster University from application to arrival!


  • 1. Nomination

    Before you are nominated to study with us, you will need to confirm that your home university has a student exchange/study abroad agreement with us.

    Once confirmed your home institution must send an email nomination on your behalf to

    Nominations must include the following:

    • Applicant's full name
    • E-mail address
    • Proposed length of stay (Semester 1, 2 or Full Year)
    • Subject area
    • Level (Undergraduate or Postgraduate)
    • Transcript of results to date (can be sent later)
    • Evidence of English Language (can be sent later)
  • 2. Submit your Application

    Once we receive your nomination e-mail you will be invited to complete our application form.

    Go to the online application portal.

    1.  Create a log in ID and password

    • the login ID must be unique to you and up to 9 characters
    • the PIN must be six numeric characters
    • remember these details as you will be able to save and return to your application as many times as you like before finally submitting it.

    2.  From the drop-down menu select the application type: Exchange/Study Abroad.

    3.  In the programme choice drop down menu select Study Abroad.

    4. Enter your campus, subject and semester of study.

    Please note that your application will be amended to the correct course once it has been assessed based on your subject area by Faculty and Campus. This will differ from the application summary page.

  • 3. Entry Criteria Documentation

    Once we receive your application you will be asked to forward further documentation (if not already sent) as outlined below:

    a) Transcript

    To assess your application, your latest transcript is required from your home institution. This must include your current Grade Point Average (GPA) and modules (classes) completed to date.

    Our GPA requirement is 3.0 or equivalent.

    All transcripts submitted must be official and in English and include:

    • Name of your home institution/university
    • Name of your programme of study, course or major
    • List of all completed modules (courses) to date
    • GPA or equivalent

    Please note: If your original transcript is not in English, you must provide an official translation (stamped by an official translator).

    b) English Language Requirements

    All international applicants (EU nationals included) are required to show evidence of a minimum English language level in order to be accepted onto our Study Abroad programme, unless you are exempt.

    You can demonstrate that you meet the requirements using tests/qualifications that have been approved by the university.

    c) Passport

    You are required to send a copy of your valid passport. Your passport will need to remain valid for the entirety of your stay plus 6 months.

    d) Portfolio

    If you are hoping to study within the Belfast School of Art or Architecture, you will be required to send an e-portfolio clearly showing your practical experience in the areas you wish to study in.

  • 4. Confirmation of Acceptance 

    You will receive an acceptance e-mail once your documentation and application have been assessed.  Your acceptance e-mail will confirm which Faculty you will be assigned to and which campus you will be based. It should also be printed for use at the UK border as proof of your intended studies at Ulster University.

  • 5. Check if you need a VISA

    Once you have been accepted you should check what visa you will need to give you the right to study in the UK. The following guidance is available:

    Please note for EEA nationals (excluding the Republic of Ireland) entering the UK on or after 01/01/21:

  • 6. Apply for Accommodation

    Once you have received your acceptance e-mail and you know your visa requirements you should make arrangements to apply for accommodation:

    Please note the following:

    If you are an ISEP student you must apply for accommodation as outlined in your ISEP contract. You are not required to pay anything to accommodation unless you are paying the difference for a higher rate of accommodation.

    Visiting/Exchange Students from Outside the European Union: If you are a student from outside the EU and you will be studying at Ulster for Semester 1 or a Full Academic Year you will be guaranteed an offer of accommodation provided that your completed application is received by 14 August in the year of admission.

    An offer of accommodation for Semester 2 will be guaranteed provided a completed application form is received by 14 December in the year of admission.

    Visiting/Exchange Students from the European Union: If you are a student from within the EU  you may be offered accommodation provided there are vacancies remaining.  This is not guaranteed.

  • 7. Select your Modules 

    You will be required to select your modules before you arrive at Ulster and you will be required to submit a module request form.  All modules must be selected from our module lists by campus as these are modules that have been verified as the suitable for study abroad students.

  • 8. Complete online enrolment 

    Once we have received your module request form we will review your modules ensuring they are available and that you do not experience any timetabling clashes.

    You will receive an e-mail confirming your final modules and instructions on how to complete online enrolment.

    This is normally sent to you at least 1 to 2 weeks before the start of term.

Need help?

Contact us at if you need help or guidance.