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Choose modules from a range of subjects on our Study Abroad programme.



Choose modules from a range of subjects on our Study Abroad programme.

Guidance on how to select your modules


You can join us for a full academic year from mid-September to the end of May or you join us for Semester One (September to January) or Semester Two (January to May).

Choose your modules

At Ulster we call the individual subjects that you will study modules. They are sometimes called classes or courses at other universities.

You will be required to undertake three 20 UK credit modules per semester which is equal to 60 UK credits or 120 credits for the full academic year.

Please note: A 20 UK credit module is worth 10 ECTS credits or 5 US credits.

You may choose modules from a range of subjects or take a more focused approach by choosing to specialise in a specific area, the choice is yours.

Depending on the terms of our agreement with your home institution you may be restricted to a specific subject area. If you would like to take modules outside your subject area, you must get permission from your home institution.

Module selection

Select 6 modules in order of preference per semester from our subject list by campus:





For further information enter the module title in our Online Module Catalogue (select 2019/20 academic year).

Make sure that the modules you select are on the correct campus, semester, academic year and at the appropriate level of study as indicated below:

Level 4: First year of a Full-Time Undergraduate degree course

Level 5: Second year of a Full-Time Undergraduate degree course

Level 6: Final year Honours standard

Level 7: Postgraduate level (Master’s)

Level 8: Doctoral level

*If you are a Postgraduate level student contact us for further information on what modules you can study.

We recommend you select Level 4 or Level 5 modules to ensure you have the best experience at Ulster.

Module Request Form

Complete our Module Request Form when you have selected your 6 modules (module code and title required). Your module selection will be confirmed a month before you are due to arrive at Ulster when timetables are confirmed. You will then be required to complete online enrolment from the 1st September.

Important: Due to class size restrictions, places on modules are not guaranteed for any student at Ulster but are allocated on a first-come, first served basis. It is recommended that you are prepared to be flexible with module selection. All selected modules must be on the same campus as it is not possible to study across all our campuses.

You have the option within the first two weeks of enrolment to amend your modules and you can do so through your Study Adviser by completing a Module Amendment Form.