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Choose from over 2,000 modules on our Study Abroad programme.



Choose from over 2,000 modules on our Study Abroad programme.

Choose modules from a range of subjects on our Study Abroad programme.

How long can I study at Ulster?

You can join us for a full academic year from mid-September to the end of May or you join us for Semester One (September to January) or Semester Two (January to May).

Choosing modules

You will be required to undertake three modules per semester. This is equal to 60 UK credits per semester or 120 credits for the full academic year.

You may choose modules from a range of subjects or take a more focused approach by choosing to specialise in a specific area, the choice is yours.

If you are an Erasmus exchange student, you may be restricted to certain modules within the terms of our agreement with your home institution.

Please find below recommended Undergraduate modules you may wish to study by campus and subject:

  • Belfast Campus


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Architectural Technology and Environment

    Design 1 – Super Studio

    Design Theory and Communication Visual Culture

    Architectural technology and Environment

    Design 2 – Super Studio

    Design Theory and Communication

    Professional Practice

    Architectural technology and Environment

    Design 3 – Super Studio

    Design Theory and Communication

    Professional Practice


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    3D Digital Literacy

    Animation Studio

    Approaches to Art History

    Cultural Contexts in Textiles Design

    Design Culture

    Design Fundamentals

    Documentary Photography

    Graphic Design & Illustration

    Imaging & Data Visualisation

    Introduction to Communication

    Photography History & Theory

    Staged Photography

    Studio Practice

    The World of Animation

    Animation Discourse

    Applied Arts

    Contemporary Art

    Contextual Studies

    Creative Entrepreneurship

    Design Debates

    Design Process

    Designing User Experience

    Exhibiting & Curating the Graphic Design & Illustration

    Ideas & Issues in Studio Practice

    Creative Futures Planning

    Professional Portfolio

    Professional Practice

    Studio Practice


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Hospitality Tourism and Events Facilities Operations

    Introduction to Event Management

    Introduction to Tourism

    Management in Action

    Principles of Gastronomy

    The Business of Hospitality

    Accounting Studies

    Contemporary Marketing Practice

    Corporate Events

    Food and Beverage Management

    People Management

    Tourism Industry and Impacts

    Contemporary Issues in Hospitality Management

    Contemporary Marketing Management

    Event Management

    Innovative Food

    Leadership and Professional Development

    Managing Talent and Productivity

    Performance Metrics Analysis

    Strategic Management in the Hospitality Industry

    Tourism Planning, Development and Management

  • Coleraine Campus


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Contemporary British Fiction

    Elements of Criticism

    Literature & Society in Ireland

    Modes of Reading

    Writing Matters

    Angels, Madwomen & Whores

    Beat Literature & Culture

    Contemporary World Fiction in English

    Early Modern English Culture

    Restoration & Century 18th Literature

    Rhymes of Passion

    Samuel Beckett Studies

    Sex and the City of God The Rise of the Novel

    Adaptation & History Fiction

    Body, Mind & Soul in Novels

    Gothic and Romantic

    Romantics & Victorians

    The Modernist Revolution

    Twentieth-Century American Literature

    Twentieth-Century Irish Writers

    Twentieth-Century Literature


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Defining America: Themes in American History, Seventeenth and Twentieth Century

    Ireland, 1798-1998: Union and Disunion

    The Making of Modern Britain, 1750-1945

    The Age of Extremes, 1914-2014

    Death, Disease and Medicine in Britain and Ireland, 1800-1920

    Family, Sexuality and the State, 1850-1925

    Film and the Vietnam Conflict

    From New Jerusalem to New Labour: Culture, Society and Politics in Britain Since 1945

    Ireland and the European Union, 1961-2016

    Politics and Society in Early Modern Britain and Ireland

    Revolutionary Russia, 1894-1939

    The Great Powers and the Middle East Since 1880

    The Myth and Reality of Imperial Spain, 1492-1700

    War and Peace: The Ying and Yang of Human History

    America in the Depression, 1929-1941

    Imperial Retreats: The Decline and Fall of the European Overseas Empires, Post 1945

    Late Soviet Communism, 1953-1991

    Royal Splendours: Politics, Culture, and Patronage in the Courts of Europe, 1450-1715

    Saints and Sinners: Women in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Ireland

    The Post-War Western Body: Medicine and Society in Britain and America, 1945-1990

    United States Foreign Policy Since 1945

    Witchcraft and Magic in Early Modern Colonial New England and Europe, 1550-1780

    Workers and Radicalism in Modern Ireland, 1600-1939


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Cinematic Practice for Emerging Platforms

    Designing for Print

    Fundamentals of Digital Design

    Introduction to Hollywood Cinema

    Key Concepts in Media Theory

    Media, Culture & Politics

    Photography & Visual Culture

    Public Affairs for Journalists

    Aesthetics & Politics

    Designing with Data

    Media Law & Regulation

    Narrative & Interactive Media

    News and Journalism

    Representation and Gender

    Television & Popular Culture

    Transmedia Narratives & Experience Design

    Britain and Ireland on Screen

    Broadcast Journalism

    Creativity, Innovation & Enterprise

    Interactive Media Inquiry

    Interactivity, Meaning and Play

    Photography & the Mass Media


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Bioanalysis for Nutrition


    Ecology & Biodiversity

    Food Choice & Consumer Behaviour Human Physiology & Anatomy


    Food Science

    Haematology and Transfusion Science

    Microbiology Pharmacology

    Biomedical Informatics Clinical Decision Making & Diagnostic Theory

    Health Promotion & Nutrition Education


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Environmental Systems

    Key Concepts in Geography

    Skills Toolbox

    Society, Environment & Sustainability

    The Biosphere

    The Hydrosphere

    The Lithosphere

    Coastal & Marine Processes

    Development, Environment & Society

    Ecology & Biogeography

    Enterprise, Business & Employability

    Environmental Planning

    Environmental Science Field trip

    Freshwater Systems

    Remote Sensing & Geographical Information Systems

    The Atmosphere

    Advanced Geographic Information Systems

    Applied Water Science & Toxicology

    Environmental Challenges & Management

    Environmental Change

    Geographies of Transnationalism

    Physical & Biological Oceanography

    Research & Professional Skills

    Seafloor Mapping


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Introduction to Psychology

    Introduction to Research Methods

    Professional Practice & Applications in Psychology

    Psychology Applied to Health

    Research Procedures in the Behavioural Sciences

    Cognitive Psychology

    Developmental Psychology

    Individual Differences


    Social Psychology

    Abnormal & Clinical Psychology

    Advanced Topics in Developmental Psychology: Theory & Practice

    Applied Behaviour Analysis

    Behavioural Neuroscience

    Behaviourism & Social Issues

    Development of Social Behaviour

    Evolutionary Psychology

    Forensic Psychology

    Health Psychology

    Improving Intergroup Relations

    Occupational Psychology



    level 4Level 5Level 6

    Consumer Law

    Festivals and Events

    Food Sensory Science

    Food Studies and Nutrition

    Food Tourism,

    Management in Action

    Media, Creativity and Experience

    Accounting Studies

    Business Research Methods

    Contemporary Marketing Practice

    Health and Consumer Lifestyle

    People Management

    Product Development

    Applied Sensory Science and Quality Control

    Contemporary Consumer Issues

    Contemporary Marketing Management

    Food and Drinks Media

    Food Innovation

    Managing Talent and Productivity


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    21st Century Leisure

    Contemporary Tourism

    Food Tourism, Festival and Events

    Global Travel Destinations

    Introduction to Event Management

    Introduction to Leisure and Tourism

    Management in Action

    Media, Creativity and Experience

    Accounting Studies

    Business Research Methods

    Contemporary Marketing Practice

    Corporate Events

    Landscape Change and Tourism

    Leisure and Sports Events

    People Management

    Transportation Operations in Tourism

    Contemporary Issues in Leisure, Tourism and Events

    Contemporary Marketing Management

    Creating Visitor Experiences

    eBusiness Strategy

    Event Management

    Managing Talent and Productivity

    Tourism Planning, Development and Management


  • Jordanstown Campus


    Level 4Level 5Level 6


    Analysing Language

    Children's Language

    Communication & Language

    Consumer Behaviour

    Experimenting with Language

    How Language Works

    Interpersonal Communication skills & strategies

    Language, Media & Society

    Lifespan Development

    Nature & Contexts Counselling

    Principles of Marketing

    Social Psychology of Communication

    The Creative PR Professional

    Understanding Ourselves & Others

    Advanced Interpersonal Communication

    Communication in Groups & Teams

    Communication in Relationships

    Counselling Theory

    Digital Media Communication

    Language Acquisition

    Linguistic Theory 1 – Syntax

    Linguistic Theory 2 - Pragmatics

    Mental Health & Well-being

    Political Communication

    PR Research, Strategy and Evaluation


    Talk, Interaction & Social Organisation

    Advanced Advertising

    Communication & Organisations

    Current Issues in Linguistic Theory

    Groups, Identities & Relations

    Language Acquisition

    Linguistic Interfaces

    Metrics & Evaluation

    Organisational Counselling

    Political Lobbying

    Researching Talk & Social Interaction

    Rethinking Communication

    Structure & History of English


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Administrative Law

    Business Law

    Criminal Law

    Exploring Law

    Introduction to Employment Law

    Law of Tort

    Law, Politics & Governance

    Legal Skills for Criminology

    Public Law

    Business & Commercial Law

    Contract Law

    European Law

    Introduction to Property Law


    Land Law

    Policing & the Law

    Public Interest Litigation

    Public International Law

    Company Law

    Human Rights Law

    Law and the Family

    Law of Armed Conflict

    Law of Evidence

    Media Law

    Medical Law

    Social Justice

    Surveillance and the Law

    Transitional Justice


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Foundations of Political Thought

    From Crime Scene to Court

    International Politics

    Introduction to Crime & Deviance

    Introduction to Politics & Government

    Studying Criminology

    Theories of Crime & Criminalisation

    British Politics & Policy

    Policing and Society

    Political Thought: Text & Context

    Politics in Europe

    Restorative Justice

    State Crime

    The Politics of Ireland since Partition

    Crime & the Media


    Parliamentary Studies

    Politics of Deeply Divided Societies

    Prisons, Punishment and Power

    Psychology & Crime

    Terrorism and Political Violence

    The Politics of Identity


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Sustainable Development in the Built Environment

    Introduction to Food and Health & Safety

    Sustainable Construction and Traffic

    Safety and Humanitarian Engineering

    Intro to the Built Environment (incl. Economics)

    Energy and Environmental Systems

    Environmental Protection Cycles and Impacts

    Planning and Regeneration


    Building Services

    Project and Communication (BIM)

    Science, Materials and Structures

    Engineering Mechanics

    Engineering Science

    Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic Technologies

    Biomass & Bio-Energy

    Structural Mechanics

    Manufacturing Systems

    Safety: An International and Ethical Perspective

    Introduction to Combustion for Fire and Explosion Dynamics

    Disaster Safety and Resilience
    Built and Environmental Conservation

    Hygrothermal Building Performance
    Production Management in Construction

    Urban Design and Place Making
    Wind Energy

    Spatial Planning for Housing and Health

    Quantification and Costing of Construction Works

    Property and Capital Market Modelling

    Green Building Design

    Nuclear Energy and the Clean Fossil Fuels

    Highways and Transportation Engineering

    Workplace Management and Safety Systems

    Public Health and Housing Management

    Marine Spatial Planning

    Advanced Structures and Geotechnics

    International Planning and Development Practice

    Investment Valuations

    Civil Engineering Design

    Water Resources Engineering 4

    Civil Engineering Infrastructure

    Construction Economics

    Highway Asset Management

    Leadership for Managing Change


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Computer Technology

    Database Systems

    Interactive Web Authoring

    Mathematics for Computing

    Professionalism and Entrepreneurship


    Systems Software

    Client-Server Application Development


    Data Communication and Networking

    Database Engineering

    Database Systems

    Dynamic Web Authoring


    Human Computer Interaction

    Mobile Development

    Object-oriented Programming

    Professional Development


    Systems Development

    Visual Web Development

    Advanced Web Applications

    Artificial Intelligence

    Concurrent and Distributed Systems

    Data Analytics

    Enterprise Networks

    Full-stack Strategies and Development

    Future and Emerging Technology for Multimedia

    Mobile Technology

    Organisational Process Focus

    Pervasive Computing

    Process Management

    Project Management

    Rich Internet Application Development

    Software Engineering Management

    Software Reliability Engineering

    Strategic Information Systems Management

    Web Computer Graphics and Animation


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Analytical Methods for Engineers

    Anatomy & Physiology for Engineers

    Biomedical Engineering

    Drawing & Design

    Electronic Design Automation


    Management studies

    Manufacturing Processes


    Mathematics for Engineering

    Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD)


    Analytical Science


    Biomedical Engineering

    Control Theory & Applications

    Digital Electronics

    Electrical Engineering

    Electrical Machines

    Engineering Analysis

    Engineering Programming

    Manufacturing Systems

    Marketing & Operations


    Mechanical Computer Aided Design (MCAD)



    Regulatory Affairs & Ethics

    Signals and Communications

    Thermal Fluid Sciences

    Advanced Medical Sensors



    Communications Circuit Design

    Computer Aided Engineering

    Electrical Machines

    Embedded Systems

    Environmental Engineering

    Mechanical Science




    Object Oriented Programming

    Power Electronics

    Renewable Energy & Smart Grids

    Signal Processing

    Tissue Engineering


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Image Anatomy & Pathology of Appendicular Skeleton

    Environmental context: Enabling Participation

    Health Science Research

    Occupational Wellbeing in Communities & Societies

    Specialist Diagnostic Imaging Modalities

    Innovations & Diversity in Occupational Therapy Practice

    Professional Development & Employability

    Vocational Rehabilitation in Occupational Therapy


    Level 4Level 5 

    Football Fitness & Conditioning

    Football Operations Management

    Introduction to Coaching Practice

    Sports Policy and Governance

    Coaching Science

    Performance Analysis

    Reflective Practice



    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Academic, Professional & Managerial Awareness

    Accounting for Financial Decision Makers

    Accounting for Marketing

    Accounting for Non-Accountants

    Business Process Management

    Financial Institutions & Markets

    Financial Mathematics & Statistics

    Introductory Accounting

    Principles of Financial Accounting

    Principles of Management Accounting

    Quantitative Methods for Finance

    Accounting for Business Decisions

    Accounting for Engineers

    Assurance and Risk Management

    Corporate Finance

    Enterprise Systems

    Financial Accounting

    Financial Modelling

    International Financial Reporting

    Principles of Investing

    Advanced Financial Accounting

    Advanced Financial Management


    Financial Management

    Financial Reporting

    International Finance

    Management of Business Finance

    Modern Taxation

    Money, Banking and Other Financial Institutions


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Brands and Branding

    Business Awareness and Analysis


    Fundamentals of Marketing

    Introduction to Marketing

    Personal Employability Skills

    Advertising & Promotion

    Business Venturing

    Consumer Behaviour

    Marketing Communications

    Marketing Management

    Corporate Branding

    Digital Marketing

    Global Marketing

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Marketing Management

    Retail Marketing

    Technology Marketing


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Business and the Economy

    Economics in Practice

    Macroeconomic Principles

    Mathematics and Statistics for Economics and Business

    Microeconomic Principles

    Skills for Economists

    Analytical Methods for Economics

    Industrial Economics

    International Economics


    Mathematics and Statistics for Economics and Business


    Economics of Business Strategy

    Economics of Globalisation

    Economics of Governance

    History of Economic Thought

    Issues in Macroeconomics

    Issues in Microeconomics


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Business and Economic Awareness

    Business and Society

    Economics and Financial Awareness

    Effective Communication

    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

    Fundamentals of Management

    Introduction to Accounting for Business

    Introduction to Business and Economics

    Introduction to Human Resource Management

    Introduction to Management and Leadership

    Management Decision Making

    Management Skills

    Behavioural Science

    Business in Practice

    Conflict Management

    Contemporary Issues in HRM

    Digital Enterprise

    How to Manage People

    Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Managing People

    Managing, Leading and Developing People

    Marketing Communications

    Marketing Management

    Operations Improvement

    Operations Management

    Organisation Design

    Using Information in HRM

    Advanced Professional Practice in HR

    Dispute Resolution

    Effective Organisations and the Consultancy Process

    Enterprise development and Entrepreneurship

    Leadership and Change

    Managing Equality and Diversity

    New Directions in Management and Leadership

    Occupational Psychology

    Strategic Human Resource Management

    Supply Chain Management

    Total Quality Management

  • Magee Campus


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Accounting for Financial Decision Makers


    Introduction to Finance, Taxation and Ethics

    Introduction to Financial Accounting

    Principles of Accounting

    Business Taxation

    Capital Gains Tax, Estate Planning & Ethics

    Finance for decision making

    Financial Accounting

    Managerial Finance

    Managing Accounting

    Personal Taxation and VAT

    Audit and Assurance

    Corporate and Capital Taxes

    Finance for Decision Making

    Financial Accounting

    Management Accounting

    Managerial Finance


    Level 4Level 5 

    Epidemiology of Disease

    Inflammatory & immunological Diseases

    Neurological Disease


    Psychiatry for Stratified Medicine

    Biomedical Informatics Clinical Decision Making & Diagnostic Theory

    Clinical Research Project

    Clinical Trials Design & Patient Recruitment

    In Silico Genomic Proteomic & Metabolomic Analyses Methods

    Stratified Medicine & Healthcare Innovation

    Stratified Medicine Disease Case Study

    Translational Stratified Medicine



    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Academic and Career Enhancement Skills

    Foundations of Entrepreneurship

    Leadership Practice

    Principles of Management

    Business Improvement

    Management Information Systems

    Managing Employee Development

    Organisational Behaviour

    Professional Skills Development

    Entrepreneurship and Innovation

    Global Business Environment

    Leadership and Strategy

    Managing the Digital enterprise


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Critical Practice

    Introduction to Film Art

    Performance Technologies

    Studio Practice

    Text & Performance

    Visual Storytelling

    Aesthetic Practices

    Feature Screenwriting

    History and Theory of Film

    Introduction to Directing

    Production Process

    Visual Storytelling

    Aesthetic Practices

    Contemporary Irish Theatre

    History and Theory of Film

    Horror Film: Theory & Practice

    Storytelling Performance

    Theatre & Ritual

    Writing for Stage & Screen


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Business Information Systems

    Computer Hardware and Operating Systems

    Database Systems

    Mathematics for Computing

    Software Development

    Systems Analysis and Design
    Mathematics for Engineering

    Algorithms and Data Structures

    Computer Networks and Security

    Internet Technologies

    Mobile Application Development

    Object Oriented Programming and Modelling

    Web Application Development

    Advanced Interactive Web Development

    Advanced Mobile Technology

    Business Intelligence

    Computational Intelligence

    Computer Vision

    Concurrent and Distributed Systems

    Cyber Security

    Enterprise Computing

    Intelligent Robotics

    Intelligent Systems

    Interactive Multimedia

    Networking Operating Systems


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Circuit Analysis


    Field & Device

    Manufacturing Processes


    Mathematics for Engineering

    Programming for Engineering

    Control Theory & Applications

    Digital Electronics

    Electrical & Energy Engineering

    Embedded Programming

    Mathematics for Engineering

    Microcontroller Systems

    Electrical Energy and Smart Grids

    Mechanical Science

    Object Oriented Programming

    Programmable Logic Systems

    Thermal Technologies


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    An Introduction to Speaking Irish

    Irish Language & Culture

    Irish Literature

    Irish Traditional Music

    Survival & Revival: Irish

    Ulster & Ireland History

    Irish Folklore

    Irish Language & Culture

    Irish Literature

    The Fighting Irish

    The Irish Outlaw

    Irish Language & Culture

    Irish Language & Literature in the Penal Times

    Irish Literature

    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Advertising Account Management

    Advertising Theory and Practice

    Principles of Marketing

    Consumer Behaviour

    Copywriting Practice and Critiques

    Marketing Communications

    Marketing Management

    Media Planning and Buying

    Advertising Campaigns

    Contemporary Issues in Advertising

    Digital Strategy and Communications

    International Marketing

    Marketing Management

    Services Marketing


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    Music Technology


    Performance Studies

    Composition & Orchestration


    Advanced Audio Production


    Level 4Level 5Level 6

    The Well Person in Body & Mind

    The Well-person in Society

    Understanding Adult Nursing

    Understanding Evidence for Person-centred Nursing

    Understanding Mental Health Nursing

    Applied Human Sciences for Nursing

    Comprehensive Nursing Assessment and Practice

    Interprofessional & Collaborative Working

    Mental Ill Health the Human Experience

    Nursing the Person with Complex Needs

    Nursing the Person with Mental Health Difficulties towards Recovery

    Promoting Health & Wellbeing

    Understanding Research

    Contemporary Issues in Health & Wellbeing

    Essentials of Effective Communication & Education

    Healthcare Ethics

    Leadership in Practice

    Person-Centeredness in Mental Health Nursing Practice

When you find a module that interests you, enter the module title in our online module catalogue for further information.

You must ensure that the modules you select are on the correct campus, semester, academic year and at the appropriate level of study as indicated below:



Level 4

First year of a Full-Time Undergraduate degree course

Level 5

Second year of a Full-Time Undergraduate degree course

Level 6

Final year Honours standard

Level 7

Postgraduate level (Master’s)

Level 8

Doctoral level

To ensure you have the best experience at Ulster it is recommended you select Level 4 or Level 5 modules.

If you are a Postgraduate/Masters level student contact us for further information on what modules you can study.

If you decide within the first two weeks after registering at Ulster that you wish to change a module or if you experience a timetable issue, you can request a module amendment through your Study Adviser.

Important: Due to class size restrictions, places on modules are not guaranteed for any student at Ulster but are allocated on a first-come, first served basis. It is recommended that you are prepared to be flexible with module selection.

Your Study Adviser

Your Study Adviser will give you advice on choosing your modules ensuring that your module choices are at the correct level, semester and within the most appropriate subject area.

If you would like to take modules outside your subject area, you must get permission from your home university before you register.

Your Study Adviser will approve your final module selection ensuring there are no timetable conflicts.

We recommend that you make contact with your Study Adviser prior to your arrival at Ulster so that you have an idea of the modules you will be allowed study.