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Full information about the accommodation on offer, student rates and how to book can be found on our accommodation site.

International (excluding UK and Republic of Ireland) students are guaranteed a place, provided their completed application is received by 14 August 2024.

For short-term European exchange programmes, the accommodation guarantee does not apply and the offer will be subject to availability.

You should stay in touch with our accommodation staff, they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Student Accommodation Experience

Ulster University, a home from home
Accommodation at Ulster University

If you wish to stay in University accommodation you must make sure to arrange and confirm all of your accommodation details with our staff before you travel.

Please remember, if you are planning to be here for semester two and you wish to arrive early to take part in Orientation speak to our Accommodation staff about your short term contract, you may also want to ask them about things such as bedding packs and kitchen utensils.

Please bear in mind that you will be asked to sign a contract before taking up your University accommodation.

This contract is legally binding so please pay attention to the terms – it will be difficult to break the contract if you are not happy once you have signed it.

Find more information on what you need to know about University accommodation.