About UUniReady

UUniReady is a compulsory preparation programme designed by Ulster University staff for Ulster’s new international students.

It has been designed to be completed before students travel to Northern Ireland, covering key academic themes, core English language topics and essential practical information to support students in their arrival in the UK. All new international students enrolling at Ulster will be required to complete this programme before starting their studies.

UUniReady is designed to provide international students with advice and guidance to get them off to the best possible start when living and studying in Northern Ireland. The content has been carefully considered and produced, taking input from the experiences of current international students.

Not only does completing the app give you the best start at Ulster, but it also helps us improve the experience of international students in the future! In addition, as an extra motivation to keep going, students achieving all 4 pathway certificates within the app will be entered into a prize draw!

Why is it important?

At Ulster we know that well prepared students are more successful in their courses. This programme has been designed to give you an insight into what it will be like as an Ulster student and will give you the building blocks to succeed!

It is extremely important that you complete this programme before you commence your studies at Ulster. In doing so, you will have a greater understanding of the UK university education system and how assessments are undertaken at Ulster. You will also have an understanding of the many levels of support that are in place for you as an international student.

By completing the programme you will also find out how to contact the various support teams within Ulster, especially the International Student Advisory Service who can assist with your pre-arrival queries.

Look out for your personal email invitation to our 'Preparation Time' webinar, where participants will get an introduction to UUniReady and also some helpful information prior to arrival at Ulster University.

What our students say

What our students say

“The UUniReady app really helped me get an overall view of the healthcare facilities offered ahead of moving to a new country.”

- Devika, MSc International Business with Advanced Practice

“Accommodation made easy! Thank you for the helpful advice and information.”

- Afolashade Iyabode Dosunmu, MSc Human Nutrition

“The Visa information and walkthrough was really helpful for avoiding any trouble on my CAS shield account.”

- Priya, MSc Management

“I found the information in the UUniReady app so helpful across a range of topics. It gave me a sense of the campus experience and relieved a lot of my worries.”

- Modupe, LLM International Commercial Law

“The UUniReady ‘pathway’ idea is simply amazing; it has just the right amount of information needed for international students like me, who will be leaving their home country for the first time in furtherance of their education. Good job!”

- Jennifer, LLM Human Rights Law

“The Academic Readiness pathway has given me an insight into what the school expect from me and also how to relate with other students and my tutors.”

- Judith, International Business with HR Management

Advice and Support

  • How long does it take to complete? 

    The programme has been designed to be taken over a 2-3 week period. This will give you enough time to go through each asset in detail and get good understanding of the content.

    Once you have completed each pathway the content will be available for you to go back and review at a later date. In fact, we encourage you do this regularly.

  • When do I need to have it completed by?  

    Ultimately, the programme needs to be completed before International Orientation week which begins on Monday 16 September  2024.

    You should start to work through the pathways when you receive your initial invitation and you will have it completed in advance of this date!

  • When can UUniReady be accessed?

    UUniReady will be launched for our September 2024 intake of international students on Thursday 25 July. There will also be a launch webinar which will introduce students to the App and provide a user walkthrough.

  • I am having issues logging in

    If you are experiencing issues logging into the programme or mobile app, you will need to close it down completely and try again. If this does not solve the issue, please try to use a different device.

    If the problem persists, please visit our technical support page to log a call.

  • Why can I not see any content?

    In order to see the pathway content you need to register onto the programme with the email address that your invitation was sent to. If you register with any other email address you will not be included in the correct group and will be unable to access the content.

  • What to do if I get stuck on a pathway?

    Some assets within a pathway are interactive, such as learning stories, assessment activities or surveys. Each of these require you to submit a response, and so you will not be able to skip or move on until you have done so. If you do find an asset glitching and are unable to progress, try logging in on another device and this should bypass the issue. If this does not resolve, contact the team via the help & support function in the app.

  • Can I go back and look through my previously completed pathways?

    You can switch between pathways by clicking the location pin icon in the top right corner of the screen, this will allow you to navigate back to a pathway you have already completed. You can also re-access individual items of content without having to go into the specific pathway via the ‘Library’ section.

Need further support?

Need further support?

If you require further support regarding UUniReady, please contact isas@ulster.ac.uk.