About the programme

The Masters programme for Health Promotion and Public Health at Ulster University is one of our longest running academic courses and comes with a history of partnerships and collaboration across Northern Ireland and beyond. With a mix of local and international students the course is designed to enable practitioners to expand their knowledge and essential skills in health promotion and public health. This course aims to equip practitioners with the ability to identify and address health needs and inequalities within vulnerable populations. Practitioners will learn to assess and manage the impact of policy and service provision across a wide range of environments and promote health and well-being within families, communities and populations with a focus on contextual factors influencing health.

On successful completion of the MSc in Health Promotion and Public Health participants will be able to:

  • Make strategic contributions through critical analysis and assessment of current and emerging discourses within health promotion and public health
  • Innovate and drive change through transferable project management skills with strong theoretical foundations
  • Effectively influence public health practice through the design and delivery of evidence-based, culturally and contextually relevant interventions
  • Shape future policies and practice through the dissemination of crucial information to a wide range of stakeholders

The course aims to prepare public health practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed for ethical leadership and innovative approaches for the management of real-life challenges.

Course Structure

Course Structure

The course is written in line with current Nursing and Midwifery and Public Health competencies and academic benchmarks. All modules lead towards academic awards.

The course team are committed to support our students to achieve their academic and professional goals in a safe and respectful learning environment. We work hard to build practitioner skills and confidence and to develop a passion for life-long learning. Professionals engaging on this course will embark on a personal and professional journey to excellence in the delivery of public health services.


Details of the modules and corresponding credit levels are provided below:

  • Principles, Skills and Information Systems in Health Promotion and Public Health - 30 credits
  • Advanced Methods in Research and Development in Health and Social Care - 30 credits
  • Epidemiology and Public Policy - 30 credits
  • Project Planning for Public Health Practice - 30 credits
  • Public Health Dissertation module - 60 credits

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