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Terms and Conditions

The following outlines the Terms and Conditions pertaining to Medical Education Scholarships available for Graduate  Entry Medicine, 2023 entry.

  1. Immediately after the deadline for applications has been passed, application forms will be reviewed and sorted by the University according to how far they meet the essential and, subsequently, the additional Scholarship criteria. This process involves checks on supporting documentation and that a valid reference has been received.
  2. The Scholarship Panel will then consider the application forms of all eligible applicants to determine who will be awarded a Scholarship. Evaluation of applications will be on the basis of academic achievement, demonstration of impact on studies, future career potential, and current or anticipated commitment to the local community related to studies on the MBBS programme.
  3. The Scholarship Panel's decision is final. Successful Applicants will be notified as soon as possible after selection decisions have been made.
  4. Successful Applicants will not be permitted to hold or receive any other University Scholarship and may therefore have to elect which scholarship to receive. In relation to the Ireland Healthcare Graduate Medicine Scholarship supported by the United Health Foundation and Optum Ireland, applicants are not permitted to hold any other scholarship from any source.
  5. Any offer of a Scholarship is dependent upon information being truthful and accurate and upon the Applicant fulfilling all of the conditions of the Scholarship. The right to withdraw an offer is maintained in the event of any error or omission whatsoever in the information provided by or on behalf of the Applicant. The Applicant will be given 14 days' notice in writing that the offer is being withdrawn.
  6. This course is regulated by the UK General Medical Council and leads to professional qualification as a doctor. Students registered on the programme are expected to demonstrate behaviours appropriate for a future doctor. If an applicant is subsequently found to have provided false information in their application for a Scholarship, the School will investigate under its Fitness to Practice procedures. Sanctions can include removal from the course of study.
  7. Scholarships will only be awarded to Applicants who have been formally offered a place on the designated course by the University.
  8. Detailed feedback is not available in the case of an unsuccessful application.
  9. Each Scholarship is for the named person on the application only.
  10. The Scholarships will be paid as per the payment schedule for the relevant Scholarship Programme. The Scholarship will be renewed each year subject to the scholar being in good academic standing. The Donor reserves the right to withdraw a Scholarship where a student is deemed not be in good academic standing by the University.
  11. Scholars will be expected to adhere to the regulations of the University and to undergo every term examination or any other examination determined by the authorities of the University for their course.
  12. Scholars must commence their programme of study at the start of the academic year of 2023-24. The Scholars must successfully complete their programme of study within the standard timeframe. The duration of the Scholarship will be clearly stated upon confirmation of award and will not be extendable to cover any deferred or repeated year, unless the Donor elects in its sole discretion to extend the Scholarship period.