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Inspirational student stories and experiences

Listen in to some inspirational stories and experiences from students who are studying Graduate Entry Medicine at UU.

Graduate Entry Medicine - Aoife's experience

Listen in as Aoife describes her experience of studying graduate entry medicine.

Born in Derry but growing up just across the border in Donegal, Aoife, whose family are UU graduates, shares her story on  how she followed her dream to  study  medicine,  and how she has found her first semester as a MBBS student.

Graduate Entry Medical -  Séamus' experience

Séamus shares his experience of studying graduate entry medicine at UU with a mixed cohort of students from all different backgrounds.

Some of his fellow students have worked in the health service before, others have come straight from undergraduate study. This diverse student body means everybody brings a different point of view and experience to the course, creating a really friendly and welcoming teaching class.

Graduate Entry Medical - Roland's experience

Meet Roland, Roland is an international student who jumped at the opportunity to study graduate entry medicine overseas at UU. He wanted to explore and live in a new country whilst gaining his medical qualifications.

Roland has loved the mix of lectures, problem based learning and clinical placements so he can engage with patients early on, as well as making new friends and immersing himself in the culture of Ireland.