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The Medical Education Scholarship will provide one scholarship of £12,000 over 4 years (£3000 a year for each year of the four-year degree programme).

Students from Northern Ireland who are applying for our Graduate Entry Medicine programme, starting in August 2024 are eligible to apply.  Scholarship funding to be used towards tuition fee.

Key Dates
17 April  2024MES application process opens
25 May 2024Offer holders day
27 May 2024MES application process closes
3 June 2024Panel meeting
4 June 2024Proposed awardees informed
6 June 2024Applicants must accept their place and Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the scholarship you must:

  • hold Northern Ireland residency status
  • hold an offer for the Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) programme starting in August 2024 and have met the academic entry criteria
  • be eligible for Northern Ireland tuition fee status at Ulster University
  • have an annual household income of £30,000 or less based on the median annual earnings.
  • meet at least one of these criteria:
    1. be the main carer for a family member or dependent
    2. be care experienced
    3. receive disability living allowance or personal independence payments or other benefits
    4. live permanently in an area of high deprivation/low participation (Quintile 1).  You can check eligibility using the ISRA postcode checker.
    5. attend or have attended a secondary school with a Free School Meal Entitlement of 50% or more.  You can check eligibility on the Department for Education website

Essential Criteria

  • You hold an offer for the UU MBBS course

    You meet this criterion if you hold a Conditional Firm (CF) offer for the MBBS course starting in August 2024.

    You do not need to submit evidence, the School of Medicine will confirm you meet this criterion.

  • You are eligible for Northern Ireland 

    You meet this criterion if:

    • you are eligible for NI fee status

    You do not need to submit evidence, the School of Medicine will confirm you meet this criterion

  • A resident of Northern Ireland

    You meet this criterion if, at the start of the MBBS programme in August 2024, you:

    • hold Northern Ireland (NI) residency status

    Proof of address

    You can provide evidence of your home address by providing a letter that includes your name and address such as:

    • utility bill
    • bank statement
    • rent/mortgage statement
    • driving licence
    • payslip
    • NHS card
    • benefits letter.

    If you have settled status, please also provide evidence of this and further details.

  • You experience financial barriers or have a low household income at the point of entry to the course

    You meet this criterion if, at the point of entry to the MBBS course in August 2024, your household income is:

    Evidence of income

    Please provide details of your current income and how you anticipate it will change when you commence the course.
    Where possible you should provide household income should be evidenced by providing the following.

    NI applicants

    NI applications must provide evidence of:

    • a P60 for the tax year 2022-23
    • a photocopy of a recent (within last 3 months) payslip
    • a recent income support document e.g. evidence that
    • receipt of Income Support or Working Tax Credits, or another benefits document.
    • a photocopy or screenshot of your wage slip which will confirm the level of pay and number of hours worked.

Additional Criteria

Additional consideration will be given to those who meet any of the following criteria: