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Closing Date

22 July 2024 at 17.00 (Belfast Time)


We are delighted to announce a TJI Scholarship.

Thanks to a donation we are able to offer this Scholarship to one student on either the LLM Gender, Conflict and Human Rights or the LLM Human Rights Law and Transitional Justice at the University, entering the programme in September 2024. Both courses will be taught in Ulster’s Belfast city centre campus.

The Scholarship is valued at a total amount of £1,000. One Scholarship will be awarded in each academic year.

The Scholarship funding will be paid directly to the Scholar(s) to be used in support of course tuition fees or expenses associated with their studies.

Selection criteria

The selection criteria are as follows:

  • Demonstration by the applicant of how studying the degree course will enable them to contribute positively to the community; and
  • Academic excellence.

Demonstration of a potential positive contribution will receive a greater weighting than academic excellence when scoring the applications.

Applicants will be asked to provide evidence of financial need, where applicable. In the event that two applications of the same high quality are received, the selection panel will check whether either or both of the applicants meets the University’s widening access and participation criteria. In the event that only one of the applicants meets the criteria, the Scholarship will be awarded to them. In the event that both applicants meet the criteria, the Scholarship will be awarded to both applicants, with the funding being divided equally.

The selection panel reserves the right not to award a Scholarship if the candidates presented do not meet the high level of academic attainment required. In such instances, that particular year’s Scholarship will be reallocated to a subsequent year. The selection panel may establish a reserve list to be used if the successful applicant declines for any reason.

To apply

Get more information on the LLM programmes


Payment will be provided to the Scholars as follows once the School has confirmed that each Scholar is completing their studies on time and is in good academic standing:

For part-time students

  • £500 paid immediately upon enrolment for 1st year
  • £500 paid at the start of 2nd year

For full-time students

  • £500 paid immediately upon enrolment for 1st year
  • £500 paid at the start of the second semester

In the event that any of the Scholars are not able to complete their studies on time, or are no longer in good academic standing, and have not provided any extenuating circumstances to the University, the University reserves the right to withdraw the remaining Scholarship funding from the Scholar.