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Congratulations to Professor Cath Collins, Professor Siobhán Wills and Dr Thomas Obel Hansen who have all secured Pump-Priming Awards from Ulster University's Department of Research & Impact.

Prof Cath Collins has secured support for a project on 'Enforced and Involuntary Disappearance – Scoping Study for an Informational Approach’. This scoping study applies transitional justice scholarship to enforced and involuntary disappearance, in a range of sites including Northern Ireland, Spain, and Latin America.

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Prof Siobhán Wills has secured support for her project on "Responsibilities of UN Peacekeeping Forces for Investigation into Injuries as a Result of Operations and Ensuring Provision of Medical Care to Victims of ‘Collateral Damage’” under the Research Challenge and Global Challenges calls.

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Dr Thomas Obel Hansen has secured support for a project on "Developing the “Nairobi Principles on Accountability” under the Global Challenges call.  This project will bring together stakeholders in the processes relating to Kenya’s experiences with justice for international crimes to develop the “Nairobi Principles on Accountability”. Drawing on Kenya’s experiences with international and domestic justice, the Guidelines aim to create an agenda for how to improve future justice processes relating to international crimes, especially with respect to complementarity, State cooperation, immunity of State officials and victims’ issues. Whereas the ICC faced significant challenges in Kenya, important lessons can be learned from this case which will benefit the ICC, regional actors, Kenya and other countries in the region seeking to promote accountability.

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