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Service Description

About the Mailing List Service

The Mailing List Service is designed for the central dissemination of information to staff and students of the University via e-mail, known informally as “global mailshots”.

Digital Services control a number of standardised lists that allow messages to be targeted at large groups of staff and students. The current standard mailing lists are shown below:

  • All Staff
  • All Students
  • Staff on a specific Campus (Jordanstown, Belfast, Coleraine, Magee)
  • Students on a specific Campus (as above)
  • Students on NI Campuses only (excludes London & Birmingham)
  • All Academic Staff
  • All Academic Related Staff
  • All Research Staff
  • All Non-Academic Staff (includes Academic Related and Research staff)

Please Note

When targeting a sub set of users within a standard distribution list it is recommended to use one of the above standard lists with an updated subject line containing an FAO message. (i.e. For the attention of International Students only”)

Mailshot Requestors

A staff member can request a mailshot on behalf of their Faculty or Department. The staff member must indicate to the Service Desk the name of the authorising University Senior Officer who has approved the request. This is a Dean, PVC or Head of Department.

A student may also request a mailshot to be issued ( relation to requests for research participants). This must have clear approval from the relevant Dean and a named sponsoring academic, details of which will be included in the mailshot communications.

Without approval the mailshot cannot be issued. This approval process is designed to ensure that only appropriate and accurate emails relevant to approved University business are distributed.

All mailshot subject headings should reflect the name of the faculty/school or department as appropriate, this must be provided when raising a Mailshot request.

Mailshot formatting

The Digital Services mailshot system provides rich-text formatting, so your message can contain text formatting, tables and content such as graphics just like any other email would appear in your staff or student mailbox.

Please Note

If you require content such as a promotional flyer to be included in your mailshot, it is recommended that you upload in PDF format to the relevant section of the University website, and the hyperlink to the content should then be added to the mailshot request.

Business Process

All approved mailshot requests can be submitted via the Self service portal - Self-Service Portal - Home Page  OR emailed to the Service Desk at

Information Required

Digital Services can provide a “pre-formatted” Outlook mailshot template upon request.

All mailshot requestors must provide the following information within the emailed request:

  1. Evidence of Approval from their faculty/department senior officer It is recommended the approval email thread is included in your mailshot request.
  2. The standard mailing list(s) the mailshot is to be issued to (e.g. All staff and All students)
  3. The required subject line of the mailshot, which should include the relevant department/faculty name as applicable. (please ensure this is kept as concise as possible)
  4. The required content of the mailshot.
  5. The title/name of the staff member to be shown in the "email signature" at the bottom of the mailshot.
  6. If appropriate for Research-related emails sent on behalf of students, the name of the Sponsoring Academic (to be shown on the mailshot as "Sponsored by...")

Failure to include any required information may lead to a delay in submitting the mailshot, or a rejection of a non-approved mailshot. Mailshots that have not been approved by a Senior Officer will be rejected.

Please Note

The message requestor and their line management are wholly responsible for the message content.

This includes spelling; grammar; accuracy of embedded links and compliance with all relevant Ulster University regulations, policies and guidelines.

In addition, if emails are required to be sent on a particular date, Digital Services will require 24 hours notice.

Otherwise all requests are entered into a queue system for processing.

How to obtain help

How to contact the Service Desk

Service Desk Hours

Semester 1 and 2

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 1pm – 5pm

All other times except extended closure

Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4pm

Extended Closure - Easter and Christmas Holidays


Staff and Students of the University, upon mailshot approved by the relevant Senior Officer.

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ICT Infrastructure