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Temilola Olanrewaju talks about his experiences at Ulster as a PhD Researcher
Brendan Whelan, part time self funded PhD in Business and Management
Isaac Krofa talks about his experience as an International PhD Researcher in Business and Management
Joanna, a PhD graduate in Engineering, talks about how her PhD helped her in her career
Emily Royle, Biomedical Sciences, talks about her PhD experience to date
Holly talks about her PhD within the Biomedical Science area
Zoe Angel, Biomedical Sciences, talks about how her scholarship allowed her to pursue her PhD
Emma talks about her Psychology PhD
Allison talks about how her PhD in Education has helped her career progression
Jason talks about his PhD experience at Ulster in Social Work and Social Policy
Deborah talks about her experience of her Art and Design PhD at Ulster
Micheal talks about his PhD in Law
Mengyuan talks about her PhD in Computing
Benn tell us about his experience of a PhD in Intelligent Systems at Magee
Catherine McHugh, Intelligent Systems at Magee campus
Rebecca talks about her positive experience within the History department at Ulster
David Lyttle, MOBO nominated musician, talks about his PhD at Ulster
Adrian talks about his PhD in Infographics (Intelligent Systems) has helped in his career
Kieran talks about his PhD in Biomedical Engineering (3D printing)
Michelle tells us about her MRes in Life and Health Science and how it led to her decision to undertake a PhD