Shut Up and Write

Shut Up and Write

The 'Shut Up and Write for Summer' sessions will take place each Tuesday from 10am-12pm in the Docs at each campus with a PhD Researcher representative available to run the session.  This will involve each PhD Researcher arriving prepared to write for two hours: in 25 minute sessions with 5 minute breaks in between.  PhD Researchers are encouraged to set a goal for each session before it begins.

The Docs are located at:

  • Belfast: Room BA-04-03
  • Jordanstown: Commercial Block, next to UUSU Hub
  • Coleraine: Room E008
  • Magee: Room MC026

PhD Researcher contacts for Shut Up and Write:

Emma Nolan: Coleraine campus
Brendan Black: Jordanstown campus
TBC: Magee campus
TBC: Belfast campus

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For more information contact Lisa Thompson,