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Our guidance in relation to who may participate in a supervisory team is detailed within the Regulations noted below, where we have taken a holistic view of the Supervisory Team to ensure that PhD Researcher's needs are met by the most appropriate team of people:

Appointment of Supervisors

  1. The researcher shall be supervised by two or more supervisors working as a team and shall be appointed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty. This Supervisory Team shall include a chair, who in addition to providing a supervisory role in relation to the student’s research shall deal with all administrative matters relating to the degree programme, take responsibility for all formal reporting and set-up the oral examination.
  2. The Team shall also include at least one supervisor who has successfully supervised to completion at doctoral level and at least one supervisor who has a track record of achievement in research consistent with inclusion in the REF.
  3. Other team members can include academic and research staff with specialist knowledge in the research area or who have extensive experience in research supervision. All team members shall have the ability to demonstrate expertise in the project area.
  4. All team members shall hold a doctoral level qualification or in exceptional circumstances, the Team can include one member who is able to demonstrate considerable equivalent experience. Supervisors who have not supervised to successful completion shall receive training in supervision prior to appointment or as soon as possible thereafter.
  5. The Supervisory Team shall normally comprise two or three supervisors only.
  6. Where collaboration has been arranged with another establishment, this establishment will normally appoint an additional supervisor.
  7. A person who is registered for a research degree shall not normally be permitted to take on duties as a supervisor for a research student.
  8. Should it be necessary, either on academic or other grounds, for a supervisor to be changed, approval of the Senate must be sought.
  9. Where a supervisor cannot be appointed in accordance with the requirements of this section the Senate may make special arrangements for supervision.
  10. Where the research work of a candidate is to be conducted away from the University and at the premises of another organisation, the appointment of an external supervisor in accordance with the appropriate guidelines may be considered. Where a candidate is based outside the United Kingdom or Ireland, the appointment of an external supervisor in accordance with the Framework for Distance Research Study may be accommodated.