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You can expect the University:

  • To provide a supervision team of at least two supervisors, with expertise relevant to your research who will offer regular supervision meetings
  • To assess your training and development needs and provide you with opportunities to address them
  • To provide you with training and support for any teaching duties you may undertake
  • To provide or arrange access to suitable library and IT systems
  • To support you to disseminate your research findings
  • To provide you with pastoral care
  • To offer you support to manage disabilities so that you can access and participate in research
  • To offer a range of student support services and advice on how to access them
  • To deal with any complaints or disciplinary matters in accordance with University procedures, where necessary
  • To offer careers advice and support to plan your future

The University expects:

  • That you should meet regularly with your supervisor(s) and check your university email regularly
  • That you should take a record of meetings and share with your supervisors
  • That you will take opportunities offered to you to develop your skills and review your progress
  • That you will seek to disseminate your research both informally and formally
  • That you will accept teaching opportunities only if you are able to commit to the development of your teaching skills and if these will not impede your progress
  • That you will inform the Doctoral College promptly of any change of address or personal information
  • That you will be a responsible member of the research community, and comply with all relevant University policies, regulations and codes of practice in the course of your research studies