Submission and Examination

Submission and Examination

This section relates to the submission of your thesis to the Doctoral College and the arrangement and conduct of your examination.

You can expect the University:

  • To keep you informed of the submission deadline for your thesis
  • To provide you with guidelines relating to the presentation of your work
  • To appoint appropriate examiners for your thesis
  • To set a date, time and venue for the examination, usually within three months of submission, and to ensure that it is conducted appropriately and in accordance with the regulations
  • To provide you with a formal statement of the outcome of your examination, normally within seven days of your oral examination.

The University expects:

  • That you will submit your thesis, following consultation with your supervisors, in a timely manner and in accordance with the guidelines for submission
  • That you will make yourself available for examination and attend on the agreed date
  • That you will make any amendments to your thesis as required by the examiners and submit them for approval or re-examination in a timely manner
  • That you will submit the final copies of your thesis and associated documentation to the Doctoral College in accordance with the guidance provided.