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The approval of research projects, consideration of applications and admission to the University.

You can expect the University:

  • To provide detailed information on research study opportunities, regularly updated on the internet
  • To advertise opportunities for admission to full-time funded research study in appropriate local and national media and on the internet
  • To consider all proposed PhD research projects in depth to ensure that
    • the resources needed to carry them out are available,
    • they can be completed within a time that reflects the regulations,
    • they are sufficiently novel and challenging to provide a suitable vehicle for research study
  • To acknowledge all applications within 7 days of receipt and then to consider them in detail to ensure that
    • the applicant is appropriately qualified for admission
    • the information needed to make a decision on admission has been provided by the applicant
  • To interview suitably qualified or shortlisted applicants to establish their level of experience and aptitude for research study
  • To consider applications, including those from overseas, in a timely manner to ensure that decisions on admission for applicants
    • for part-time study are normally made within six weeks of receipt
    • for full-time self-funded study are normally made within six weeks of receipt
    • under the University’s competitions for funding and admission are made in line with the published procedures
  • To communicate decisions on admission as quickly and clearly as possible
  • To provide appropriate accompanying instructions relating to acceptance and registration
  • To communicate decisions to applicants who have not been selected for admission or funding as quickly as is practicable.

The University expects:

  • That you will familiarise yourself with the published application process, the available projects and the procedures for any funding competitions
  • That you will submit your application fully completed and accompanied by all of the required information, to the Doctoral College, by the appropriate closing date. Additional information submitted after the closing date will be forwarded by the Doctoral College, but consideration of this will be at the discretion of the Faculty.
  • That you will attend or make yourself available for any interview that is required
  • That you will indicate your acceptance or otherwise of the terms and conditions of any offer of admission or funding that is made to you within 14 working days of receipt
  • That you will attend registration/enrolment as instructed and pay your tuition fees in a timely manner.