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The University has a Doctoral College which aims to ensure consistently excellent PhD researcher experience across the University.

We are committed to aiming for consistency in delivering the highest quality of PhD experience possible, and this Charter is one way of outlining that commitment to you.

This Charter sets out the standards of provision that the University aims to provide and should be read in conjunction with the main Student Charter, the International Student Charter and the Research Studies Handbook.

What this Charter does

Most of the expectations included in this Charter have been developed as a means of ensuring that we achieve and maintain the highest standards of provision.

The Charter is a statement of intent and is not a legal document and there may be occasions when the University or PhD researchers are prevented or delayed from meeting the expectations outlined
in this Charter through circumstances or delays beyond their control.

This Charter also sets out what we expect of you.

The quality of the service that we believe you are entitled to expect is, therefore, balanced with responsibilities placed on you as a PhD researcher: both are intended to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your time with us.

How you can become involved

A wide range of methods are used to find out from PhD researchers how satisfied you are with the service we are providing, any difficulties you are having and what improvements can be made.

Your contribution to this process is invaluable and you are encouraged to contribute whenever you feel able. You may express views informally to your supervisors, Postgraduate Tutors, Research Directors, or to relevant faculty and University committees through PhD Researcher representatives.

The Doctoral College also has a PhD Researcher Forum which reports to the Doctoral College Board, with representatives from each Research Unit. Formally, you can provide feedback through the annual progress reports, which are confidential in nature and through the annual National Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES).

All PhD researchers enjoy free and automatic membership of the University of Ulster Students’ Union. The Union is active in all matters of student welfare and represents students within the University and externally.