Scientific & Technical Advisory

Professor Mark Tully and Maurice Mulvenna have been appointed to support the Public Health Agency's Covid-19 response planning.

Professor Mark Tully and  Maurice Mulvenna have been appointed as academic advisors on the multi-agency Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell for Covid-19 pandemic at the Public Health Agency.

Professor Tully's research expertise in public health will be used to support the Public Health Agency's evidence based response planning . Professor Mulvenna brings expertise in utilising data analytics to understand health behaviour during COVID-19.

Related staff

Professor Mark Tully

Professor of Public Health

School of Health Sciences

Areas of expertise

Public health, mental health and wellbeing, physical activity.

Professor Maurice Mulvenna

Professor of Computer Science

School of Computing

Areas of expertise

Computing and mental health, artificial intelligence, digital wellbeing, innovation and assistive technologies, human-computer interaction, data mining.