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Boosting Covid-19 Testing

Our researchers are using cutting edge technology to scale up diagnostic testing for Covid-19 to support the NHS and key workers.

Designing Medical Devices and PPE Prototypes

To address the need for personal protective equipment we've pivoted the use of our 3D modelling technology to design, fabricate and supply front line and healthcare workers fighting Covid-19 with PPE.

COVID-19 Outbreak: Modelling the Pandemic

The University's data analysts, scientists and economists are collating, analysing and displaying Covid-19 modelling data to help government and industry predict the course and impact of the virus.

COVID-19 Recovery: Modelling Transmission

Ulster University are collaborating on a project to develop mathematical models that better understand the transmission dynamics of Covid-19.

The effect of new restrictions versus Covid-19 infection numbers and rates.

Ulster University has carried out important new modelling work exploring the effect of new restrictions on Covid-19 infection numbers and rates in Northern Ireland, the UK and France.

Contact Tracing Data Analytics

Ulster University has been providing support to analyse data and chart how and where the infection is spreading.

The Ilimex UV-C Air Steriliser

Ulster University collaborates on new technology that could transform how we live and work during the pandemic

COVID-19 Vaccine: Designing the peptide-based vaccine

Our researchers are using advanced immunoinformatics and data analytics techniques to develop computational pipelines for designing peptide-based vaccine candidates for SARS-CoV-2.