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UK Rapid Test Consortium

Ulster University Professors Tara Moore and Jim McLaughlin have been appointed as key UK government advisers to help develop a Covid-19 antibody test, via local company CIGA Healthcare.

Scientific & Technical Advisory

Professor Mark Tully and Maurice Mulvenna have been appointed to support the Public Health Agency's Covid-19 response planning.

Economic impact in NI

Economists from the Economic Policy Centre are advising local and national government as well as industry about the projected impact of Covid-19 on the economy.

StopCovid-19 Expert Group

Ulster University's Professor Jim McLaughlin has been appointed to the StopCovid-19 Expert Group to validate a viable Covid-19 Tracking app for Northern Ireland.

Government Specialist Modelling Response Expert Group

Ulster University's Dr Magda Bucholc, a researcher in Data Analytics, has been appointed to the Government Specialist Modelling Response Expert Group.

Viral diagnostic testing

Ulster University, led by Professor Colum Walsh, has helped resource and establish vital new types of viral diagnostic tests