Race equality

The University believes that lives are enriched by experience of different cultures, beliefs and values.

Race is one of the dimensions of diversity that we prioritise at Ulster University.  It is our aim to ensure that the lives of all of our staff and students are enriched by their experience of different cultures, beliefs and values during their time with us.

We hope that by recognising, respecting and valuing these differences, they can become international citizens and our ambassadors.

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I have never had any negative experiences at the University because of my race but by the same token I've never had any positive ones, it's just not something that is ever brought up.

Anonymous, Staff Race Survey (2014)

We want to hear about your experiences of race equality at Ulster!  Feedback can remain entirely anonymous but leave your contact details at the end of this short form if you want to continue the conversation.

Did you know the University has a self-assessment team (SAT) working towards advancing race equality at Ulster?  The SAT is currently applying for a charter mark with the Equality Challenge Unit and opportunities will be made available for you to inform this application.  The charter aims to improve the representation, progression and success of minority ethnic staff and students at Ulster.

For further information contact Angela Getty (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion - Section lead)