Server Hosting

Provision of a secure, environmentally controlled environment.

Service Description

  • Provision of a secure, environmentally controlled environment with uninterruptible power supply for rack mountable servers upon completion of ICT Infrastructure Application for Hosting Server in Data Centre.
  • Administrator/Root password must be provided securely to the Data Centre and Operations Manager for emergency access.
  • Physical monitoring of server status will be done.
  • Remote access to server will be given to system administrators.
  • Physical access will be granted, upon request, and availability of Data Centre and Operations staff.

Business Process

  • Complete the 2 application forms listed below.
  • Submit to the Service Desk.
  • Data Centre and Operations Manager will contact the applicant to discuss physical arrangements

Supporting materials

How to obtain help

The Service Desk will provide support to those unable to avail of it through the Service Catalog Entry and self-help resources.

Contact the ISD Service Desk.


  • There shall be no cost charged for Research or Departmental servers.
  • There will be a charge levied for external applications dependent upon physical size and power requirements. This cost will be negotiated with the Head of ICT Infrastructure.

Service Desk Metrics (KPI/SLA statement)

  • Availability will be arranged as convenient to both parties after size requirements are considered.
  • For external applications a Service Level Agreement, including KPIs, will be negotiated and reviewed.


  • System Administrator from an external company.
  • Head of Department requiring an application hosted on an ISD virtual server.
  • System Administrator of physical server purchased through the University's Finance Department with approval of owner, normally of University department.

Service Owner

ICT Infrastructure