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Visa responsibilities

Our International Compliance Team will support and guide you in all matters relating to immigration and visas. 

While we strive to keep our information up-to-date immigration requirements can change at any time so it is essential that you keep up-to-date with the latest immigration rules and regulations. 

We strongly recommend that you consult with the UKVI for the most recent information. 

It is your responsibility to make sure you do not break any immigration laws - contact our Compliance Team with any immigration queries.

Complying with your Tier 4 Visa

If you hold a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK you must comply with certain regulations and rules during your studies.  As a Tier 4 Sponsor License Holder, the University of Ulster is required to report students to the UKVI if they break the terms of their visa.

If a student is reported for any of the reasons stated below, then there visa will be curtailed (shortened) to 60 days and they will be expected to leave the UK.

Not enrolling:

  • you must complete the official registration process for the course named on your CAS.


  • the University is required to report to the UKVI any student who is not satisfactorily engaging with their studies.
  • the University records your attendance at class and will report a Tier 4 student to the UKVI if you miss four classes.
  • If there is a valid reason why you have missed class you must inform your School Office and provide evidence such as a medical certificate.
  • If your absence is planned you should request permission from your Course Director, you can do this by completing the authorised absence form.
  • Ulster University regulations require you to attend regularly, complete assignments and attend examinations.

Extending your visa when studying at Ulster Univeristy

If you need to extend your Tier 4 visa when studying at Ulster you should contact our Compliance Team at least one month before your current visa expires and they will issue you with a new CAS number. 

Your visa extension will be refused if you enter a CAS number that you used in a previous Tier 4 application.

Deferring or interrupting your studies

If you defer or take an interruption of studies, the University is required to withdraw its sponsorship and report this to the UKVI. The UKVI will curtail your visa and you will be required to leave the UK within 60 days of the date that you start your deferral / interruption.

When you wish to return to your studies, the University will issue you with a new CAS to apply for a new Tier 4 student visa.

Please also ensure:

  • you have a current and valid visa to study at the University of Ulster. If you need to extend your visa when studying at Ulster, the International Department can help with this.
  • the University has a copy of your passport and most recent visa. You will need to present these when you enrol. If you renew your passport or visa you should make sure and let your School Office know at monthly check-in.
  • you notify the University if you change your address in the UK. You can update these details in the student portal and let your School Office staff know at monthly check-in.
  • you register with the police if you are required to. You will know if this is required as it will be written on your visa or BRP card.
  • you do not work for more than 20 hours per week during term time, take up self-employment or a permanent position.
  • you do not claim 'public funds', which are welfare benefits for UK residents such as Child Benefit or Housing Benefit.