Fees & Finance for International Students

Annual tuition fees for international students.

Prices quoted refer to the international tuition fee for academic year 2021/22, running from September 2021 to August 2022.


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  • International undergraduate fees

    £14,910* for full-time students from Non-EU countries for undergraduate degrees, integrated master's and equivalent.

    £2,250* for a placement year or study abroad year.

  • International postgraduate fees
    International postgraduate fees
    Course type£GBP
    Master's courses (except those as detailed below) (PG Certificate/Diploma - see Note 1) 14,910
    Postgraduate Research 15,500
    Master of Fine Art (120 credits) 9,940
    Graduate Diploma in Accounting 9,940
    MSc Management and Corporate Governance/MSc Biomedical Science/MSc Biotechnology Research/MSc Human Nutrition/MSc Pharmaceutical Sciences 16,700
    MSc Biomedical Science rate per credit point 92.78
    Masters with Advanced Practice/Extended Masters with Advanced Practice/MSc Data Science (Applied Research) – rate per credit point 82.83
  • Pre-Sessional English Language fees
    Pre-Sessional English Language fees
    Pre-Sessional English 1,210
    Pre-Sessional English Plus 2,540
  • Important information about fees

    Note 1

    Full-time students registering for a Postgraduate Diploma only will be charged 2/3 of the full Master's fee for that course as detailed above. Full-time students registering for a Postgraduate Certificate only will be charged 1/3 of the full Master's fee for that course as detailed above.

    Note 2

    Part-time students registering on a Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma course will be charged the corresponding Master's rate per credit point fee as detailed above, unless separately detailed.

    Note 3: Credit Points Table

    The table below shows the minimum overall credit points that part-time students are expected to attain in order to gain specific awards. Students should always consult with their course director for specific information about required credits.

    Credit Points
    Award Minimum Overall Credit Points
    Honours Degree 360
    Integrated Master's Degree 480
    Postgraduate Certificate/Certificate/Advanced Certificate/Graduate Certificate 60
    Postgraduate Diploma/Diploma/Advanced Diploma 120
    Master's Degree 180
    Master of Fine Art 240
    PgD Physician Associate Studies  360

    Note 4: Fee Increases

    ALL fees are subject to an annual increase.

*Correct at the time of publishing.

Fees illustrated are based on 2020/21 entry and are subject to an annual increase.

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Flexible Payment

To help spread the cost of your studies, tuition fees can be paid back in monthly instalments while you learn.

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International deposit

Students who are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland are required to pay a deposit of £3,000.

When you receive  an unconditional offer, and to secure your place, you will be asked to make a minimum deposit payment against your tuition fees, of £3,000.

A deposit payment does not signify that we will issue you with a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). We view it as a sign of your commitment to study, and part of a staged admissions process.

A deposit is refundable, unless you are refused a visa on the grounds of forged documents being presented. In this case, the deposit is non-refundable.

Additional costs

Some courses may have additional costs which are not included in your tuition fee.

Check the individual programme specification for details as additional costs vary from course to course.

Tuition fees and costs associated with accommodation, travel (including car parking charges), and normal living are a part of university life.

Where a course has additional mandatory expenses we make every effort to highlight them.

These may include:

  • residential visits
  • field trips
  • materials (e.g. art, design, engineering) inoculations
  • security checks
  • computer equipment
  • uniforms
  • professional memberships etc.

We aim to provide students with the learning materials needed to support their studies.

Our libraries are a valuable resource with an extensive collection of books and journals as well as first-class facilities and IT equipment.

Computer suites and free wifi is also available on each of the campuses.

There will be some additional costs to being a student which cannot be itemised and these will be different for each student.

You may choose to purchase your own textbooks and course materials or prefer your own computer and software.

Printing and binding may also be required.

There are additional fees for graduation ceremonies, examination resits and library fines.

Students choosing a period of paid work placement or study abroad as part of their course should be aware that there may be additional travel and living costs as well as tuition fees.