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We want to ensure that the University plays a real part in local communities and that each campus and its resources are used for the benefit of the people in the immediate locality and beyond.

There are many ways that organisations could work in partnership with the University, but we recognise that it can often be difficult to navigate to the right contact to ensure that ideas become a reality.

We therefore encourage community and voluntary partners to talk to us about their needs so we can find opportunities for mutual collaboration that will bring positive outcomes for Northern Ireland.

Through our existing projects including The Science Shop, My LACES, and the Certificate of Personal and Professional Development, we have already set up meaningful networks which are changing lives by improving educational attainment and encouraging social mobility.

This year, we will launch an exciting new initiative for Staff Civic Ambassadors, to encourage Ulster staff and community partners to work together on projects aligned with our themes of Social Renewal, Peace, Sustainability, Healthy Communities and Creativity and Culture.

We would love to hear how we could work with your organisation, please contact us.