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The University Community Fellow programme is designed as an Educational ‘In reach’ initiative to the University which listens to the community voice and ensures the visibility of University activity at a local level. Application process is now open, please see below.

Aimed at those who are actively involved within the wider community across the local Council areas in Northern Ireland, we aim to recognise individuals who have an interest in promoting the wellbeing and educational attainment of others who traditionally would not have direct access to Higher Education.

In 2018/19, through a competitive appointment process, we will introduce 11 University Community Fellows to Northern Ireland who are formally recognised and supported by Ulster University and will be a valued and important underpinning of our civic commitment, ensuring the ‘community voice’ is present in the design of our educational outreach and associated programmes.

Successful appointees will spend 2 academic years within their fellow role, supporting knowledge exchange between the University and wider society.

During their term Community Fellows will be supported to:

  • Contribute directly to University’s educational and cultural life through a variety of channels including; public lectures, seminars, workshops, graduations and events.
  • Deliver and engage in community education workshops.
  • Share Ulster University’s Community Impact Maps to local area schools and councils.

Our commitment to welcoming the University Community Fellows to our higher education networks, brings an unprecedented way of working, where the concept of ‘Community Faculty’ at Ulster University’ is further realised.

Under the support and coordination of the Centre for Flexible Education, the 11 fellows will make up the first layer of a transforming civic network.

Ulster University is grounded in the heart of the community and embraces the need to work with community partners to

“drive education and learning, to create and communicate new knowledge and to transform complex theory into meaningful social, cultural and economic impact”.

Beginning in 2018 the fellows will commence a 2 year term that will fuel the exchange of ideas within the University community and across the region of Northern Ireland that will enable continuous improvement of community outreach practice and civic outcomes.

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