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We work with community organisations to encourage and support access and application to higher education opportunities at Ulster University and in conjunction with local area-based college partners.

Many adults begin learning through education networks, classes, workshops and opportunities offered through their local communities.

Supporting and encouraging informed decision making, to enable adults to access transformative learning, whether through community or work is an important aspect of Flexible Education at Ulster University .

We invite community organisations to contact us via if you are interested in the following:

  • Toolkit for Adult Learners

    This is an informative and interactive two hour workshop for adults who are considering a return to education at any level.

    The workshop is designed for adults who have completed (or are currently completing) accreditation at levels 2 or 3 and will provide important information about educational pathways, help develop resilience for lifelong learning, impart pertinent financial information and offer an opportunity to learn about the journeys’ undertaken by current adult learners within Ulster University.

  • Supporting a Community Conversation

    This two hour workshop focusses on equipping community ambassadors with the necessary skills, confidence, approaches and knowledge required to conduct community engagement initiatives and effectively garner the views and opinions of community stakeholders using a consistent and quantifiable framework.

  • I'm too Old to Start Now...... Growth Mindset

    Exploding the myth that you can be too old to learn, this two-hour workshop explores participants thoughts and feelings towards learning and focuses on reducing the voice of the inner critic.

    This workshop is suitable for learners at the start of their learning journey.

  • Understanding Employment Opportunities in the Northern Ireland Economy

    This two-hour workshop supports participants understanding of the regional economy, areas of growth and helps participants make informed choices about learning pathways for employment and professional careers.

    This workshop is suitable for learners who have completed level 2 or 3 learning programmes and are considering the step into further or higher education.