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Information for applicants to the School of Nursing at Ulster University.

  • Review of UCAS Personal Statement

    Your personal statement is reviewed and scored by a member of the academic staff within the School of Nursing.

    This is an important part of the admissions decision-making process.

    The Personal Statement is your opportunity to highlight why you should be offered an interview and should clearly indicate your personal desire and motivation for a career in Nursing.

    The Personal Statement should reflect your expectations of the course and an understanding of Nursing as a profession.

    It should also include evidence of relevant skills and attributes which you feel make you a suitable candidate.

    Your Personal statement should be about you and it should demonstrate your readiness for the course

    Your Personal Statement will be scored according to evidence of

    • Your personal desire for a career in Nursing
    • Your motivation for Nursing
    • Your expectations of the course and Nursing as a profession
    • Your decision making skills

    Please follow UCAS guidance on how to write a Personal Statement.

    Applicants will be rank ordered on the basis of the score and the required number of applicants will be invited to interview by mid-February.
  • Interview

    The Interview will take the form of an individual structured interview and will be held in March.

    A member of the University academic staff and a practising registered nurse will make up the interview panel.

    The Interview will consist of a series of questions that will address the following areas:

    • Personal desire for a career in Nursing
    • Motivation for Nursing
    • Expectations of the course and Nursing as a profession
    • Decision making skills affecting self and others
    • Readiness for the course
    • Interpersonal skills

    The questions are not technical and are designed to assess your suitability for the course and nursing.

    Each interviewer will ask questions and will make notes during the interview.

    Each interviewer will score your interview independently and a final decision on the overall score will be agreed by both panel members.

    Candidates will have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview.

    Interviews will be held over two weeks commencing 23 March and 30 March 2020.