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Inspirational student stories and experiences

Listen in to some inspirational stories and experiences from students who have studied medicine at graduate level.

You will learn of the different journeys GEMS students have taken before deciding to go back to further education to study medicine and go on to become Doctors,  and the life changing experience that this has been for them.

Graduate Entry Medical - Harriet's Experience

Listen in as Harriet describes her experience of studying graduate entry medicine.

Studying medicine at graduate entry opens an umbrella of opportunities for individuals of various backgrounds to come together and learn from one another.

The addition of the Graduate Entry Medical School to Ulster University will provide students with both the academic knowledge and hands on experience to become the medics of tomorrow.

Graduate Entry Medical - Rosanna's Experience

Meet Rosanna,  Rosanna is a past graduate entry medical student who highlights the privileges of studying medicine at graduate level.

Rosanna describes the incredibly rewarding and enjoyable career that studying graduate entry medicine has afforded her and encourages others to do the same.