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We are very pleased to see the publication of this book edited by Prof Brice Dickson and Dr Conor McCormick.

This edited collection is a tribute to Lord Kerr, who died in 2020 shortly after his retirement from the UK Supreme Court. Lord Kerr had served on the High Court of Northern Ireland, as Lord Chief Justice of Northern Ireland, and on the Judicial Committee of the House of Lords before his appointment to the Supreme Court. He contributed to many areas of law, including public law, human rights law, criminal law and family law.

The editors have brought together legal experts from across Britain and Ireland to examine his legacy. The collection features chapters by Ulster’s Prof Grainne McKeever ‘Scrutinising Social Security Law and Protecting Social Rights: Lord Kerr and the Benefit Cap’ and Prof Rory O’Connell ‘A Dialogue on Discrimination and Equality: The UK Supreme Court and Article 14 of the ECHR’.