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We are pleased to share the details of this new edited collection: Tine Destrooper, Line Engbo Gissel and Kerstin Bree Carlson, Transitional Justice in Aparadigmatic Contexts (Routledge 2023). This book explores the practical and theoretical opportunities as well as the challenges raised by the expansion of transitional justice into new and ‘aparadigmatic’ cases and includes chapters by TJI’s Dr Thomas Hansen and PhD graduates  Dr Nisan Alici and Dr Cira Pallí-Asperó:

  • Nisan Alici, 'Imagining Transitional Justice in Turkey’s Ongoing Kurdish Conflict'
  • Thomas Obel Hansen, 'Transitional Justice and the British Military in Iraq'
  • Cira Pallí-Asperó, 'Addressing the Legacies of the Past: Historical Commissions in Consolidated Democracies'