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The United Nations Secretary General has now adopted a new Guidance Note on Transitional Justice: A Strategic Tool for People, Prevention and Peace in June 2023. The new Guidance Note is a result of a cross-pillar project under the auspices of Executive Office of the Secretary General and co-leadership of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. It followed an extensive consultative process with all relevant United Nations entities and offices. The Guidance Note promotes transitional justice as a pragmatic human rights-based policy tool at the disposal of national stakeholders that is relevant to enhancing peace and security, human rights and accountability, and sustainable development.

In completing the Guidance Note, the UN commissioned a series of expert papers then used to shape the note's contents. Expert papers were commissioned from Professor Brandon Hamber and Professor Cath Collins from the Transitional Justice Institute. Professor Hamber worked on transitional Justice, mental health and psychosocial support. Professor Collins focused on criminal justice a key pillar of transitional justice.

To access the Guidance note and expert papers:

  1. Read the Guidance Note of the Secretary General on Transitional Justice: A Strategic Tool for People, Prevention and Peace
  2. “Transitional Justice, Mental Health and Psychosocial Support: Renewing the United Nations Approach to Transitional Justice” by Prof. Brandon Hamber
  3. “Advancing the Criminal Justice Pillar of Transitional Justice in Challenging Contexts: Preconditions for successful criminal justice” by Prof. Cath Collins (forthcoming)