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In the weeks since CV-19 began to impact in the employment sector in the UK and Northern Ireland, the Ulster Law Clinic has worked alongside the LRA, Law Centre NI and Advice NI, in providing advice on employment related matters such as lay offs, redundancy and eventually the Job Retention Scheme.

Inevitably, the queries the Law Clinic received began with employment issues, but quickly led to advice on social security benefits and in some cases, family law matters which were referred on to our solicitor referral network.

Dr Esther McGuinness, Co-Director of the Clinic, explains: 'Given the significant increase in calls,  Law Clinic staff worked with Mark Potkewitz from the Legal Innovation Centre at Ulster University to create a dedicated Q & A platform on Coronavirus for use by employer/ees, in an attempt to ensure that we could provide useful information to members of the public who sought our assistance.'