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John Keers BL, Lecturer in Law at Ulster University and Course Director for our recently launched LLM in International Commercial Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) has launched a new online Platform for ADR practitioners.

The CCODR Platform aims to provide a suite of security encrypted online tools for Mediators, Arbitrators and Adjudicators, across the UK and Ireland, to assist them in bringing their practice online.

The platform is the result of a collaboration and partnership with Australian software developer Modron Spaces.

“As a direct response to the Covid-19 crisis, alternative dispute practitioners have adopted the use of online platforms to continue to practice, for example, mediation”

explained John.

He continued,

“The issue with many of these platforms is the lack of end-to-end encryption, known security weaknesses and the possibility of not complying with GDPR. When dealing with sensitive topics and documents, it is essential that alternative dispute practitioners are utilising a platform that is safe, secure and compliant with all domestic data protection laws.”

Enshrined within the offering is a code of conduct for Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) which is benchmarked to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute Consumer Code Scheme with the aim of providing both consumers and practitioners a truly safe environment to operate in.

The CCODR is the first platform of its kind combining a regulatory framework together with a suite of online tools for ADR practitioners.

The platform is at