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On 31 July 2019, the European Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) - a Berlin-based NGO which has continuously engaged the International Criminal Court (ICC) on its Iraq/ UK preliminary examination - made a new submission to the ICC Office of the Prosecutor.

The submission, which cites to research by TJI's Dr Thomas Obel Hansen and Dr Carla Ferstman (Essex), argues that 'UK authorities have failed to undertake any investigations or prosecutions to determine the liability of those bearing the greatest responsibility for the war crimes committed in Iraq, despite significant and growing evidence indicating that liability extends up the chain of command to senior military and civilian officials'.

Dr Hansen's research findings

Echoing Dr Hansen's research findings, the ECCHR observers that the 'conditions for admissibility with respect to complementarity and gravity as well as those regarding the interests of justice are clearly met', on this basis recommending that a full investigation into the situation in Iraq/ UK be opened.

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