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Professor McWilliams joined The Carter Center's panel of experts in Khartoum to meet with Sudanese stakeholders to explore ways to bring peace in Sudan.

During the trip many meetings were held with several government officials at the Sudanese presidency, National Assembly, Sudan Armed Forces, National Intelligence Service, and National Dialogue.

The panel also met representatives from Sudanese groups advocating for the interests of women, youth, traditional communities, and the poor.

The delegation of experts includes Roelf Petrus Meyer former South African minister who negotiated the end of Apartheid regime with the National Congress Party, Amine Ghali of Tunisia, former member of a national body on transitional justice after the Tunisian revolution, Miriam Coronel Ferrer of the Philippines, former government chief negotiator with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Karim Thabetn, a former UN development programme in his country the Yemen.