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Dr Mark Simpson, Dr Ciara Fitzpatrick and Dr Jed Meers (York) convened the Social Rights, Social Citizenship and the Welfare State Stream for a third successful year and had a record number of submissions. The panel included  a guest appearance from Special Rapporteur for Human Rights and Extreme Poverty, Philip Alston, who discussed his recent visit to the UK.

Colleagues presented the following papers:

Mark Simpson ‘The Introduction of Universal Credit in Northern Ireland: Some Preliminary Findings’

Sasha Gillespie ‘Caring for the Disabled and Associative Disadvantage: to what Extent are Carers’ Rights as Citizens'

Omar El Masri ‘Urban Street Art and Spaces for Representation in Divided Cities: Beirut and Belfast'

Cira Palli-Aspero ‘The Role of the Historical Method in Social Reconciliation:  Understanding Historical Clarification Commissions'