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The Transitional Justice Institute (Ulster) in conjunction with the Centre for Gender in Politics (Queen’s University Belfast) sponsored the ‘Visual Methods Events Series. Reflecting on feminist new ways of understanding’.

The series was composed of  three events: a film screening of the documentary ‘Let us be seen’, directed by Elspeth Vischer (25 May 2022 in Sunflower, Belfast); a ‘Visual methods workshop’, facilitated by Dr Meredith Loken, and with introductory words from Dr Jamie Hagen and the closing remarks of Dr Lydia Cole (7 June 2022); the last event was a workshop about feminist mapping, led by Dr Giulia Carabelli and Dr Maria-Adriana Deiana, followed by women's HERitage walking tour around Belfast (7 June 2022).

The  series was a great opportunity to reflect on the use of visual methods, which can be defined as approaches that, based on experience or observation, contemplate both the creation of visual artefacts and the analysis of visual artefacts. The events were addressed to people with an academic background (such as undergrad and master students, PhD researchers, University staff) while also open to non-academic participants.

People from diverse fields, such as law, criminology, architecture, anthropology, and politics, took part in the different events, enriching the conversation about ‘ways of seeing’. It created a feminist space that advocated for dialogue and critical thinking, reflecting about ‘how to represent what is hidden, contested or cannot be said in words’.

Visit the Visual Methods Events Series website