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Roskilde University, Universidad de los Andes, and Ulster University organised an international workshop, 'Toolkits and Standards in Transitional Justice: Consolidation, Innovation and Implications', held on 15-16 February 2023 at Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia.

The workshop, which was conducted in hybrid format, involved 8 sessions broadly addressing issues relating to standardization in the Transitional Justice field. Ulster PhD graduate Dr Philipp Schulz and senior lecturer in law, Dr Thomas Hansen, presented at the workshop.

A public event preceded the workshop, involving an introduction by project PI, Associate Professor Line Gissel (Roskilde), and two key notes, among them one by Professor  Cath Collins, “’Nuestro Norte es el Sur”: De-peripheralising Latin American Transitional Justice’”.

The event is part of the ‘Transitional Justice Standardization’ project, funded by the Independent Research Council Denmark, on which Dr. Thomas Hansen is a member.