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On 26 June 2020 two of our PhD Researchers took part in the 2nd seminar of the series on the theme of Transitional Justice.


  • Nisan Alici (TJI, Ulster University): Transitional justice in ongoing conflicts: prospects for the Kurdish conflict
  • Selbi Durdiyeva (TJI, Ulster University): Reimagining the role of civil society in transitional justice processes in Russia
  • Sonia Najjar (School of Law, QUB): An aspect of being Palestinian: what to do when a people is not mentioned in law?


  • Dr Rachel Killean (School of Law, QUB)
  • Professor Rory O’Connell (TJI and School of Law, Ulster University)
  • Presentations by PhD researchers will be followed by feedback from academic discussants, and a Q&A session.

A collaboration between TJI and School of Law at Ulster with QUB in the organisation of the SRN Summer series - a platform to highlight doctoral research taking place in Northern Ireland.