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We are pleased to announce the publication of the feminists@law Special Issue ‘Engendering Political Settlements: Theoretical and Practical Perspectives on Inclusion’.

The Special Issue showcases the work of the Gender Theme of the Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP), funded by UK Aid from the UK Department for International Development. As the PSRP draws to a close, the Special Issue provides a cross-section and distillation of the Programme’s key findings on gender and inclusion.

Contributions include pathbreaking new empirical findings on women and peace agreements (Christine Bell and Kevin McNicholl), gendered patterns of armed actor demobilisation (Zoe Marks), and intimate partner violence in post-conflict Northern Ireland (Jessica Doyle and Monica McWilliams); new theoretical and case study work on the role of international legal norms (Catherine O’Rourke) and consociational governance arrangements (Fiona Mackay and Cera Murtagh) on gender and inclusion; and reflections on the ethical and practical challenges of conducting inclusive research (Zahbia Yousuf and Sophia Close).

The TJI led the PSRP Gender Theme and the Special Issue was led by Dr Catherine O’Rourke and Dr Jessica Doyle.

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