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Mary E. Daly, President of the Academy presented Dr Jessica Doyle (TJI), Dr Thomas Hansen (TJI) and Dr Bryan Gardiner (ISRC) with their Charlemont scholars certificates and congratulated them on their success. Professor Daly noted the importance of the award and the diversity of disciplines awarded.

“The Charlemont Grants have a very special place in the intellectual life of the Royal Irish Academy, because they are awarded to researchers in the early stages of their careers. Charlemont grantees are drawn from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, the Charlemont grants do not distinguish between discipline or geography, the most important criteria in the awarding of a Charlemont grant is excellence because outstanding research transcends both disciplinary and geographical boundaries.”

Dr Jessica Doyle will be travelling to Demir Leblebi Kadın Derneği, Ankara, Turkey to carry out research for the project entitled 'Violence against women and political conflict in Kurdish Turkey’.

Dr Thomas Hansen will be travelling to the United States International University, Nairobi, Kenya to carry out research for the project entitled 'Balancing Justice and Peace? Building Capacity for Early-Career Researchers in Kenya to Explore the Role of Regional Organizations’ in Justice Processes'.

Photos by John Ohle Photography.