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We are delighted to see that Dr Nisan Alici has been awarded the Arts Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty Award for Outstanding PhD thesis! Nisan's thesis was entitled Imagining Transitional Justice in the Ongoing Kurdish Conflict: A Victim-Centred Analysis and was supervised by Prof Siobhán Wills and Prof Brandon Hamber.

According to the nomination for the prize, put forward by her supervisors:

Nisan’s approach to research is thorough and thoughtful and her work is enjoyable to read – she balances factual precision with clear insight and engaging style. The thesis is analytically rigorous and shows a clear understanding of research and methodology as well as the conceptual challenges of the material itself.  Thoughtfulness, a reflective and open mind alongside a confident and grounded understanding of her field is one of the hallmarks of Nisan’s approach and is one of the reasons supervising her thesis was such a pleasure.

Nisan has recently secured a book contract with Routledge to publish Transitional Justice and the Kurdish Conflict: A Victim-Centred Analysis as part of their Transitional Justice Series.