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Service Description

The Central Authentication Service (CAS) is an authentication system that provides a trusted and secure way for web applications to authenticate a user.

The CAS service uses Active Directory to provide a secure and centrally controlled process for user logins.

Using a centralised login service removes the need for individual websites to collect and store a user's credentials, even if the application itself runs on a departmental server or externally.

CAS also provides a secure single sign on method of signing onto the web, allowing users to automatically be logged in to other secure systems without having to enter another username and password.

Business Process

Central Authentication Service (CAS) creates a secure way for users to access multiple services with a single sign-on.

Identity Management solutions are deeply embedded within university business processes.

When new students or staff joins the University or when roles change, staff react immediately (updating AD/SD) to enable access to new resources.

Tight integration with other enterprise systems ensures that these changes happen in a timely manner.

How to obtain help

How to contact the Service Desk

Service Desk Hours

Semester 1 and 2

Monday - Friday 8am - 8pm
Saturday – Sunday 1pm – 5pm

All other times except extended closure

Monday - Thursday 8am - 5pm
Friday 8am - 4pm

Extended Closure - Easter and Christmas Holidays


  • Enrolled students - with no outstanding fees.
  • All staff including associates

Service Owner

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