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Service Description

Assisting staff with sourcing their print requirements along with guidance and direction to support the Corporate Brand.

Business Process

Offer quotes and help manage customer quotations (technical specifications etc).

Help with design and layout to ensure that all elements of the print process support our positive Corporate Brand.

Supporting materials

It is advisable with all print related matters that you contact Reprographic Services before you start the design/print process as they can advise on brand guidelines, production type, media, and digital supporting formats.

Even if the job is not going to be produced by Reprographic Services they can still add professional guidance to help you procure the right product. Reprographics will also help you work in-line with the corporate guidelines.

The University will no longer be operating a Print Framework (expired 2014) but will require controls of brand and quality to be applied to all printed material. The recommend process for procuring print:

  1. Prepare a brief – your print requirements, budget, deadlines etc. Contact Reprographic Services to discuss your brief.
  2. If the work can be produced internally then a Reprographic requisition is completed and production is scheduled. No need for external quotes or orders.
  3. Brand Guides should be reviewed and adhered to along with paper stock (page 61) - All promotional material should be printed on Cocoon Offset (our uncoated paper) unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Contact Reprographics regarding sourcing the paper stock.
  4. If the work is to be produced externally then standard procurement guidance applies.
  5. Reprographic Service can assist with the generation of the specification for going to quote and review supplier submissions to ensure you are getting good value.

How to obtain help

Contact Mark Millar:


Any customer of the University.

Service Owner

Reprographic Services.